The Nipple Project Specifications

Actual Size of
Nipple-Areola Complex

6/1/97 Post-Surgical
Nipple-Areola Complex

4/27/99 Pre-Tattoo
Nipple-Areola Complex


1. Design should stay close to size of illustrated nipple-areola complex.
2. All colors are possible.
3. Symmetry is not essential.


There are two ways to submit your design to THE NIPPLE PROJECT. You can click here to see a template which you can print out, create your design on, and then mail to the following address:

The Nipple Project
Po Box 41432
Baltimore, MD 21202

Or you can email me at and attach your design as a graphic file in a current Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator Format. Please write in the email that you give me permission to use the design and/or to reproduce it on this web site. Let me know how and if you would like to be credited. Sorry, I cannot return original artwork.

Visit the Nipple Library, which will be updated as the project continues.
If you submitted a design and it's not up yet, don't worry — the library isn't complete yet.

[Note] If you already mailed in a design for the library and you don't see it, please resend it! I lost quite a few designs due to a hard drive crash. I have a new hard drive now and am in the process of updating the library. I would love to include the lost designs!

As time goes on, I intend to continue adding designs, opinions and other mail. I will post photos and/or video of the process and "finished product," and the Nipple Library will remain online as a resource for the nipple-needy.

Nipple Notes:

The Nipple Project was netcast live by Franklin Furnace Archive, Inc. on June 4, 1999. I decided to select three nipple designs rather than one, thinking that it would be better to have a couple of alternates to choose from in the event that my first choice proved to be unfeasable (because of existing scarring or complexity of color or design.) I found all three attractive and designs I could happily live with, they were: the snowflake, submitted anonymously; the design by Juliette Goodwin, and the peppermint twist by Angela Guarda. Now I had to choose the final design which would actually be used. In keeping with the idea that one's physical endowment at birth is beyond one's control, I felt that the process of selection would be refined by adding an element of randomness. I then held a drawing to choose between the three designs. The luck of the draw was the peppermint candy nipple. I am now making arrangements to have the nipple tattooed. If this design is not possible I will close my eyes and pick another.

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